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About us

MG MAGNETS represents a point of reference on the Austrian and European market in the sales of permanent magnets and magnetic materials. MG MAGNETS is part of „International Magnets Group“, a groupement of multiple leading companies across Europe in the magnetic field, to offer each customer the best of over 40 years experience.

Our main mission is to continuously search and develop technical and commercial improvements to fit each customer needs, with high performance and strength as keywords for all the materials produced.

MG MAGNETS integrates the traditional storage system and has invested in a new „Automated Storage Vertical System“ which guarantees a fast and precise dispatch of orders reducing the waiting times and offering the shortest delivery.

MG MAGNETS’s staff is dedicated and focused on customer’s requests which is our constant purpose. We also can provide you with a personalization service for all your bespoke products. There is nothing we can’t produce, you just have to imagine it.

MG MAGNETS combines in this way high quality, competitive prices and surely the best technical support to provide high-end magnetic materials.