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Magnetic plates and bars have the capability of being fastened at the end of conveyor belts, to remove and retain the iron pieces from the material transported.

They can also be used, under the conveyor belts, for handling iron objects.

We can produce plates and bars in diferent sizes, on customer's request.

Fastening with threaded holes on the non-magnetic side or with holes side- through holes or threaded holes. 

Also available in steps, for a better filtering action.

All the measurements are in millimeters. Other sizes and shapes by request.

Code Type Length Fixin type Section
PB01.0001 BS SU RICHIESTA M8 35X35
PB01.0002 BS SU RICHIESTA M8 54X40
PB01.0003 BS SU RICHIESTA M8 90X60
Code Type Length Fixin type Section
PB02.1250 PS 1200 FORI M8 150X50
PB02.4012 PS 400 FORI M8 120X50
PB02.1215 PS 1200 FORI M8 150X15
PB02.4050 PS 400 FORI M8 50X50
PB02.3035 PS 300 FORI M6 35X35
PB03.3222 PS 165 FORI M6 32X22
PB03.1370 PS 137 FORI M10 123X30
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