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Magnets with Non-Slip Rubber are the ideal products to avoid any risk of scratches or marks on the surfaces they adhere.

The special rubber disc allows a better seal on smooth surfaces, to avoid slipping.

They are made by a Neodymium magnet and a rubber adhesive disc. 

It’s recommended to respect the max operating temperatures indicated in Physical Magnet Data Sheet.

All measurements are in millimeters. Other sizes and shapes on request.
The magnetization is axial. Other kind of magnetization on request.

Code Type Diameter Thickness Strength KG
DN01.35NI00.192.6GOM SC35MANI 19 2,6 0,70
DN01.35NI00.198GOM SC35MANI 19 8 7,5
DN01.35NI00.233GOM SC35MANI 23 3 3,80
DN01.35NI00.236GOM SC35MANI 23 6 7,56
DN01.35NI00.244GOM SC35MANI 24 4 5,30
DN01.35NI00.24.53.5GOM SC35MANI 24,5 3,5 4,70
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