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COUNTERSUNK HOLE Magnets must be fastened with a screw.

The highest strength of this magnet is put on the thinner sides.

It can be fixed directly on the furniture with a threaded screw, closing the doors perfectly.

Max Temperature 80 °C / Also available SH type 150 °C. 

It’s recommended to respect the max operating temperatures indicated in Physical Magnet Data Sheet.

All measurements are in millimeters. Other sizes and shapes on request.
The magnetization is axial. Other kind of magnetization on request.

Code A B H F Strength KG
NQ02.35NI00.1010 10 10 3 3 0,8
NQ02.35NI00.1515 15 15 5 5 2,4
NQ02.35NI00.2025 20 20 5 5 3,5
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