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SAMARIUM COBALT magnets are made of a compound of sintered rare earth elements.

SAMARIUM COBALT magnets have an excellent corrosion resistance.

They are generally supplied without surface treatment.

We can also realize the magnet with a nickel coating (By request).

The main feature of SAMARIUM COBALT magnets is the magnetic resistance to temperature, up to 350°C.

Available in different shapes and measures.

TIPOBr-kGbHcBH maxt max
SCM167,5 -8,859716250
SCM188 - 9,363718250
SCM208,5 - 9,863720250
SCM18T9 - 10,363718250
SCM22A9 - 10,365322250
SCM22B9 - 10,365322300
SCM249,5 - 10,867624250
SCM26A10 - 11,371626250
SCM26B10 - 11,371626300
SCM2710 - 11,335727250
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